Leatherstocking Decorative Artists

What is Decorative Painting?
   Decorative painting is a diverse art form utilizing a variety of techniques and media
  (types of paint) to decorate functional and non-functional surfaces. Because of
 certain teaching methods used in learning how to paint -- decorative painting is a 
   really easy art form to learn. The use o patterns  created by other artists and 
   freehand designs allow a high degree of success without long years of academic
       training or inherent drawing ability.  

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This Month's meeting info...

Saturday, April 21st

Doors open at 12:30 pm

Brief Business meeting at 1:00 pm

Painting program immediately following meeting

Oneida County Farm & Home Center

(Cornell Cooperative Extension)

121 Second St., Oriskany, NY 13424


Joyce Joseph, Alicia Toomath, Maria Holyoke


Sandy Robinson & Helen Christianson

Painted Gift

Sandy Robinson

President's Message...
        The past couple of months have been a real challenge. I am so glad I have painting projects to keep my hands and mind busy.

      I’d like to thank Lory van Lieshout for teaching pinecones at our last meeting. I painted mine on a piece of slate and made a Welcome sign. I think it turned out nice!

The Cynthia Erekson seminar is next month! It should be lots of fun while we learn some new techniques. Remember, you can register for just one day and if you use a member coupon the cost is just $20 for a nationally known teacher!

If you’d like to participate in our Brown Bag Exchange, bring a generic piece in a closed brown bag and give to Jane Utegg. She will give you someone else’s bag to paint and return to it’s owner at the picnic in July. It is always fun to see what someone else has painted for you!

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, April 21st. It will be the last Saturday meeting until fall. The program will be lead by Kathy Van Horne and Sandy Robinson. Pack your brushes and let’s paint together. See more information in this newsletter.

See you all soon. Until then, happy painting!



Seminar Report…

       As we start 2018, we have 2 travel teacher seminars to look forward to. The sign up form for Cynthia Erekson’s May seminar is in this newsletter. For the Pie Paddle you will be required to purchase the piece from Cynthia because she will have to do some prep work on it for us. The other project you may do it on your own surface if you wish. Just ask if you have any questions.

         We will also have a free to chapter members 1 day local teacher workshop. This will be held on June 30th and be taught by Jane Utegg.  Come to the meeting to find out more about it or look in the latest newsletter. 

         I have also been in contact with Chris Haughey and the her seminar will be May 18 & 19, 2019.

          At some point during this year I will begin the quest to figure out who we may want to have teach in 2020….. can I actually have just said 2020?? That doesn’t seem possible!!! LOL Anyway, please keep your eyes out for anyone whom you may like to have. Get me the contact info and I will take care of contacting them for more info. Please don’t contact them yourself as that can get confusing for the teacher as to whom she is supposed to be dealing with. See you at the meeting!!


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