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What is Decorative Painting?
   Decorative painting is a diverse art form utilizing a variety of techniques and media
  (types of paint) to decorate functional and non-functional surfaces. Because of
 certain teaching methods used in learning how to paint -- decorative painting is a 
   really easy art form to learn. The use o patterns  created by other artists and 
   freehand designs allow a high degree of success without long years of academic
       training or inherent drawing ability.  

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April’s Program by Kathy VanHorne and Sandy Robinson

“Bird’s Nest”

Hi everyone,

If you plan on painting the birds nest with eggs there is a little prep work you could do before the meeting. If you didn't purchase the wood slice from Kathy, please feel free to paint it on anything you'd like. We found a round smaller surface to work the best. A rock would also be a great idea.

We base-coated our pieces with traditional burnt umber and then floated a gold metallic around the edge. The nest tends to be a little off center (because of the flowers on one side)so you might want to put a wider float of the gold half way around your piece to balance it out.

Bring your normal painting supplies and we'll supply the paint.

See you there! - Sandy Robinson

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