Leatherstocking Decorative Artists

What is Decorative Painting?
   Decorative painting is a diverse art form utilizing a variety of techniques and media
  (types of paint) to decorate functional and non-functional surfaces. Because of
 certain teaching methods used in learning how to paint -- decorative painting is a 
   really easy art form to learn. The use o patterns  created by other artists and 
   freehand designs allow a high degree of success without long years of academic
       training or inherent drawing ability.  

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Membership Application

 LDA Membership For 2017

New members paying in October - December get membership for the rest of 2016 as well as 2017. 

Please copy and paste the  following information into a word document or write the information down  and 

mail or give it to me at the meeting.

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 315-768-9441.


Jane Williams


 Leatherstocking Decorative Artists

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Note: You must be a member of the National Society of Decorative Painters to be a Regular member of LDA. If you are not a member of SDP you can join LDA Seminar Club instead. 


Regular Chapter Dues are $15.00

Seminar Club Dues are $20.00

Make checks payable to Leatherstocking Decorative Artists


Return form & check to:

Jane Williams

2328 W. Highland Ave.

Yorkville, NY 13495


Or call Jane at 315-768-9441 for more info


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Note: You must be a member of the National Society of Decorative Painters to be a Regular  member   of LDA.




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